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Kathy Sinnott

Talk Title: 'Freedom of Health Choice'

Kathy Sinnott is a disability rights campaigner and a former politician. She represented the South constituency in Ireland in the European Parliament from 2004 to 2009. She founded the Hope Project in 1996, a charity that helps people with disabilities. Kathy has campaigned for a no vote in the 2014 children's referendum and for pro life during the 2018 abortion referendum. Kathy will be discussing her concerns regarding the safety of vaccines, her perspective on mandatory vaccination and her life as the mother to her 41 year old autistic son. We are delighted to have Kathy at this years conference and she is one not to be missed on the Friday evening of the conference.

Justin Zalewski


Talk Title: 'Thriving In A Toxic World'

Justin has been passionately immersed in the area of Health, Healing, Nutrition, NLP, Hypnosis and personal development for the last 15 years. He believes we’re all on a journey, a journey to reach a higher state of awareness and consciousness, as we walk this magical path of life.

Justin, who is author of the book 'Thriving In A Toxic World', says we have the ability to transcend this madness of the world we live in and that we the people are awakening. The time is now, to reclaim our sovereign and inherent freedom and stand together in ethical rebellion.


Justin will be bringing you an alternative and awakened perspective on Life! What a wonderful  way to be to kick off the Saturday of the conference.



Mark Devlin

Talk Title: 'Occult Aspects of The Beatles and The Corporate Music Industry'


Mark Devlin is a long-standing DJ and music journalist. He is the author of two books, 'The Musical Truth' and the Musical Truth II', which are the culmination of his many years' of research into the true nature of the music industry and its objectives--from dark occult rituals, to mind-controlled artists, and all points in between. A brilliant speaker, this is his third time speaking at the event, this year he will be presenting his new talk on the Sunday afternoon of the conference, where he will be delving into some unknown facts about those lovable mop tops, John, Paul, George and Ringo. Were the Beatles really four regular lads from Liverpool who, against all the odds, just happened to become the most popular and influential group of all time? Or is there more to know about how they achieved their fame, and what their ultimate role really was at the hands of the occult practitioners who control the corporate music industry?

For more info check out his website at:

Nathan Riddett

Talk Title: 'Holistic Health and Freedom under Natural Law'


Nathan is a UK researcher, public speaker and advocate of Hemp, Entheogens, and Freedom. Born in 1979 and raised by a single parent Mother and Grandparents, Nathan was kept 'half awake' by his Grandad talking about Erich Von Daniken, whilst his Mother shared tales of ghost and alien hunts, David Icke lectures and all things weird and wonderful. He grew up questioning authority, and chemtrails as a child in the 80's, but indoctrination and conformity took over, until around 2010 when he really came online with an understanding of Natural Law. As a result of realizing the moral responsibility of holding this knowledge, Nathan started public speaking to help propagate the solution to human slavery into public consciousness.  Nathan is a servant of Truth, Vegan Anarchist and a Teacher of both Wing Chun and Natural Law and we can't wait to hear his hard core truth talk on the Sunday morning of the conference! 

Andy Thomas

Talk Title1: 'Truth, Mysteries and Censorship: the Fight for Free Speech'


Talk Title 2: 'Exploring Paranormal Mysteries and Cover Ups'

Andy is a leading researcher into mysteries and cover-ups and is the author of the acclaimed The Truth Agenda and Conspiracies, both widely praised for providing real insights into classic conspiracy theories and the paranormal. His many other books include Vital Signs and An Introduction to Crop Circles, seen as definitive guides to the circle phenomenon, and he also writes on history and folklore. Andy is one of Britain’s most prolific lecturers and speaks in many other countries too. He has made numerous radio and TV appearances. Andy is founder of Changing Times, which holds events on truth and mysteries, and he is also one of the key organisers of the Glastonbury Symposium, the UK’s renowned alternative conference, which has been running for 29 years.

One of the outstanding highlights of last years conference, we are delighted to have him back once more. Andy will be giving 2 talks on the Saturday afternoon of the conference.



Helen Sewell

Talk Title: 'Interpreting The Astrology Of Our Times'


Helen Sewell D.Psych.Astrol studied with the Centre for Psychological Astrology (CPA) under the renowned Liz Greene PhD, and is a Relate-trained relationship counsellor. She gives personal consultations and writes for astrological journals and websites. Helen is one of the regular tutors for MISPA, the internationally-recognised Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology,  and has taught classes for the CPA at Regents College in London. Helen’s presentation for the Alternative View conference in London was broadcast many times on the now sadly defunct Sky channel 200 (Edge Media TV). She has also contributed to books such as Geoff Stray’s Beyond 2012 and her husband Andy Thomas’s The Truth Agenda. Her influential articles giving astrological angles on prophecies of change for our times have been read widely and have correctly anticipated many developments which have had long-term consequences.


Brian McCarthy


Talk Title: 'Breaking Free from Oppression'


Brian is doing fantastic work helping people in fear of losing their homes from banking repossessions/evictions. He has been on the front line, whether it be meeting receivers and bully debt collectors (sent on behalf of the bank) face on at door steps - to helping people in the courts. Brian has gave many seminars all over Ireland to expose the greedy system that always puts money first and people lives and health (both mental and physical) second. he has experienced first hand the evil of this system that illegally and immorally took way his freedom for 59 days this year. His uplifting talk goes a long way to remove the ‘FEAR’ that these institutions try to put on people which is akin to psychological warfare. When we realize our true power, just like Brian, we are unbreakable. His talk is a demonstration of how the human spirit can rise up above the corruption and deceit and help create a new 'inspiring' reality.

Terry McMahon


Talk Title: 'The Betrayal of Ireland'


Terry McMahon is Irish director, producer, writer, best known for his roles in Batman Begins and Patrick's Day. He has received many award for his brilliant work including: Winner of Directors Guild of America Finders Series Award, Grand Jury Prize Woodstock Film Festival, Best Film Galway Film Fleadh and Irish Times Best Film of the Year. He has been awarded RKO Pictures Hartley-Merrill International Screenwriting Award, the Tiernan MacBride Screenwriting Award and The Irish Film and Television Award. McMahon also runs Dublin Acting Classes and has lectured in Trinity College, The National Film School, and many other places. Terry has been very outspoken about the current state of 'our Ireland' today of homeless, austerity, corruption and more. His unmissable talk will discuss how we can take our freedom back and remove the controlling class in this country. 

Michael Benson of Wexford Paranormal


Talk Title: 'Paranormal Activity In Ireland'


Michael is Founder and Lead Investigator with Wexford Paranormal. For many years he has been involved in the Paranormal, some by choice and many more by circumstance. He continues to be an avid researcher into this field. Working in this field using both scientific and spiritual methods of research, he has had the pleasant opportunity to meet and work with many interesting and like-minded individuals. While there are many well renowned and well documented “Haunted Locations”, Michael hopes that in developing this Paranormal Research group we can unearth some heretofore undiscovered gems of paranormal activity and in doing so advance both the field of research itself and the rich tapestry of active locations that abound on this fine island of ours. Michael has also written a book 'Haunted Wexford', which is a collection of spine-chilling tales from across the county.

Check out their website here:

Those Conspiracy Guys


Talk Title: 'Lets talk Conspiracy Fact!'

- 'Have you ever watched the news and thought that doesn’t look right?’

- 'Have you ever questioned main stream media or questioned what ‘main stream’ even means?'

- 'Have you ever agonized over the official version of events that seemed like they were the script of a bad movie?'

- 'Have you ever looked up into the clouded night sky and thought ‘Beam me up you bastards?'

- 'Have you ever wondered how long it will be before they offer Justin Bieber up as a sacrifice?'

If the answer is 'yes' to any of the above, then THOSE CONSPIRACY GUYS are for you. They have very successful weekly comedy podcast (one million downloads per month), where they discuss all types and genres of conspiracy theories and famous mysteries and the unexplained, from JFK to government cover ups; from ghosts and demons to alien abductions; from werewolves and vampires to CIA assassins and Russian spies. They delve into all fascinating corners of the weird and wonderful, and cast a critical eye over all conspiracies and mysteries and strange events; discussing the validity of its sources and its credibility as fact. Sometimes they believe it, sometimes they don’t, but you can make your own mind up because they are just normal people like you and me! What is for sure is that you can always rely on them to provide a lighthearted touch to it, that will make you smile!

Gordon Rochford, a former comedian, is the presenter, producer and technical powerhouse behind those conspiracy guys.

"No Topic is too delicate or outlandish (EXCEPT THE ONES WITH THE REALLY GOOD LAWYERS) and we want to make it palatable for everyone from beginners to experts". ~ THOSE CONSPIRACY GUYS

Following in the footsteps of the great Bill Hicks and George Carlin, they have that knack of making you laugh and think at the same time. A rare gift! - all done in a satirical comedic way :) Make sure you see them at the Open Minds Ireland conference on the Sunday of the weekend

Check out their website here:

Anna Kavanagh


Talk Title: 'Tusla, The Fight For Justice'


Anna Kavanagh is a retired teacher, activist and citizen journalist, living in county Longford. She is a founder member and former Secretary to Stop CETA Alliance Ireland. She has self-published a number of books including 'Green Schools Meeting the Challenge of Climate Change' and ‘Turned Inside Out By The Spirit of 2016'. Back in December 2018, Anna was on the scene to highlight to the Irish people the wrongs of the illegal eviction of 3 Irish citizens out of their own home outside Strokestown, Co. Roscommon. Annas wish for 2019 is that the people who have been pushed to the margins of society will be treated with mercy and justice.

Anna is one of the country’s leading activists, taking on the child and family agency TUSLA (a department of the government of Ireland) over the removal of 5997 children from their birth mothers. Her talk is highly anticipated, make sure not to miss it!

Breda Gardner


Talk Title: 'Creating harmony through energy awareness'


Breda is a Complementary Health Therapist based in Thomastown, Kilkenny. She uses iIridology Diagnostic Kinesology and Homeopathic Medicine to help people boost their immune systems and Raise their energy. She is a regular contributor of natural health articles for the Waterford Today paper and is the author of a couple of great books including: 'Words of Wisdom For Your Health and Happiness (101 Articles, Questions and Answers on Natural Health)'. In her quest to change the world for the better, Breda is also a Political Activist, Councillor and an independent candidate in the May 2019 euro elections. We are delighted to have her wisdom to complete the Friday speakers at Open Minds this year.

David Burke


Talk Title: 'Taking Control of your Health'


David is an independent practitioner based in the historic city of Waterford in Ireland. He runs a complementary health clinic that takes a holistic approach to treating ailments. David was a national and international athlete and has applied the techniques he practices on himself during his competitive career.  He is now a family man and father of three and thrives on 'living' in every aspect of the word.  He believes that diet, stress management through a sensible work/life balance, neutralising toxins in the environment and keeping infections at bay by maintaining a strong and healthy immune system are key to living life to the full. Check David out on the late Sunday afternoon slot of the conference that has traditionally been reserved for the best local Waterford minds and hearts, with the likes of Gemma Hughes, Cian Foley before him, this year David is a certainty to continue that high standard at Open Minds 3.

Walter Graham


Talk Title: 'The Challenges we Face ~ Solutions for the Future'


Walter Graham, Originally from New York but 20 years now living in Co. Down, Northern Ireland, is a well known activist and the Public Relations Information Officer for the group known as the 'Councils of Northern Ireland Against Fluoridation'. Walter was a popular regular guest on the Open Your Mind Radio with Alan James and Steve George and brings a wealth of information on many issues we face from Wi Fi and 5G health risks, to the dangers of  Water Fluoridation. Walter successfully campaigned to have this toxic chemical removed from the water supply in Northern Ireland in the 1990s. His talk, the last of the conference, will assess where we are right now in terms of the challenges we face, but most importantly look at solutions going forward, part of which will involve a 30 minute Q&A discussion with the open minds audience.

Pat Falvey Explorer - Author - Inspirational Speaker


Talk Title: 'Harnessing your mindset to full potential'


Pat Falvey is an internationally acclaimed adventurer, author, inspirational speaker, corporate and personal mentor and coach. Born and raised in Cork city, he is Ireland’s best-known adventurer and was the first person in the world to complete the Seven Summits twice by climbing Mount Everest from its north and south sides. He was the leader of the first Irish-led team to reach the South Pole and he has also stood at the North Pole. He led the first Irish team to ski across the Greenland Ice Cap and was the leader of the largest ever team to complete the South Georgia traverse, a journey made famous by heroic Irish explorers Ernest Shackleton and Tom Crean. Pat has led many other expeditions to some of the most remote and inaccessible parts of the planet. During his travels, he has explored and analyzed the mindset of over 30 tribes of people that he encountered around the world.


Before becoming an adventurer, Pat was a successful property developer and businessman who achieved his boyhood dream of becoming a millionaire by his mid-twenties. Following a national economic recession in the 1980s, he lost most of his wealth but, with the positive attitude for which he is renowned, he didn’t give up. Instead, he embraced the world of extreme adventure while rebuilding his business. Since then, Pat has become an entrepreneur, setting up businesses in the areas of property development, construction, finance, insurance, auctioneering, adventure tourism, film production, team and corporate coaching and mentoring. He is also the author of five books, including 'You Have The Power: Explore The Mindset You Need To Realise Your Dreams'.


Pat has experienced successes and failures in both his adventure and his work life but he has never given up on his belief that we are all capable of so much more than we think. He believes that we are all ordinary and that it is what we do that makes us extraordinary. Based on his extensive experience in both the world of business and adventure, Pat has learned many invaluable lessons about how we can achieve our full potential and what it is we need to make our dreams become reality. He has developed highly effective presentations and courses that explore, inspire and guide people to challenge themselves to become their best selves. Do not Miss this on the Saturday afternoon!

Pat lives in Beaufort, Killarney, Co Kerry.

Check out his website at :

Claire Edwards


Talk Title: 'The peoples uprising against 5G'


Claire Edwards, BA Hons, MA, worked for the United Nations as Editor and Trainer in Intercultural Writing from 1999 to 2017. Since May 2018, she has collaborated with Arthur Firstenberg to publish the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space ( The Appeal has attracted over 84,000 individual and group signatories from more than 168 countries, but still needs to reach many more people. Claire warned the UN Secretary-General about the dangers of 5G during a meeting with UN staff in May 2018, calling for a halt to its rollout at UN duty stations. We are delighted to have Claire at this years conference to share her knowledge on 5G.

'Man Made Climate Change?' - A short film by Mick Daniels

Mick is a proud Waterford (Deise!) man and is very respected for making some wonderful short videos of various happenings around the city, from the water meter protests, to the protests for 24/7 cardiac care at Waterford Regional Hospital to the recent Nurses Strike protest and more. We are delighted to premiere his new short informational film on the Saturday early afternoon of the conference, which looks into the man made CO2 climate change/global warming theory. Is the science decided?  or is there more to the story that meets the eye? Has the sun a role to play? In the making of the film, Mick has interviewed many scientists and experts in Ireland and further afield and it's going to be a great break from all the speakers as we turn the lights down low, put the feet up, relax and invite you to open your mind and enjoy the film!  

Tracy Boland


Tracy is a qualified holistic therapist, addiction counselor and yoga teacher and highly skilled in meditation techniques. She endeavors to bring her skill set to the community through wellness and education. Tracy Facilitates and teaches workshops and classes throughout Waterford to all ages and abilities. She has been practicing yoga for 23 years and her motto is "one breath, one movement, one step at a time"Tracy has traveled to many places all over the world acquiring new techniques that she incorporates in all she does.


A mum of three children also has given her experience of the dramatic lifestyle choices and change in the world today for young people and feels it is more important now more than ever to educate children as to who they really are and not what society wants them to be, however remaining with the understanding that this is One world united and the importance of community spirit. Make sure to be up early to get partake in her Yoga session Saturday morning, it will really get your mind open for all the information to come throughout the rest of the conference!

Eileen Power


Eileen Power of Waterford is thrilled to have the opportunity to share her love of Kundalini yoga. Eileen qualified as a level one Kundalini yoga teacher in 2009, but due to personal circumstances she has only recently returned to teaching. She is also a children’s yoga teacher, (Radiant child yoga, based in the Kundalini yoga tradition). She has taught Radiant Child in both a private setting and in schools. Eileen is currently undertaking level 2 Kundalini Yoga teacher training. In addition to this she is a certified Mindfulness teacher and 200hr Yoga Alliance International meditation teacher. She also qualified some years ago as a hypnotherapist.


She holds qualifications in alternative healing modalities such as  Reiki (Master level), I.E.T., Prema Birthing and more. Having faced some truly challenging life events herself, Eileen believes in the power of transformation through the heart and is delighted to have the opportunity to allow others to experience this amazing, life changing yoga. Join Eileen on the Sunday morning for her Kundalini Yoga can produce immediate results as you travel on your path to consciousness.

Shamanic Drumming with Eight Oaks


Shamanic Drumming is unique in that the rhythm of shamanic drumming is constant and steady. It brings us into a meditative and relaxing state that is conducive to healing at many levels. No prior drumming experience required, and no rhythm required to participate... the rhythm of your heartbeat will do! Drumming induces deep relaxation, lowers blood pressure, and reduces stress. Stress, according to current medical research, contributes to nearly all disease and is a primary cause of such life-threatening illnesses as heart attacks, strokes, and immune system breakdowns. Claire and Vispi hold a weekly shamanic drumming circle in Waterford, where people gather together to the healing power of the Drum to bring about healing and improve their lives in many different ways. As the say themselves: ‘We walk along the path of personal healing magnified through the energy of a group’. The Shamanic Drumming with Claire and Vispi is sure to lift the roof off Dooleys Hotel to finish the conference. Not to be missed!

John Payne

Talk Title: 'Kindfulness'


John is a Meditation Teacher who has taught in US, UK, Turkey, Mexico and Ireland. He is a Holistic/ Complimentary Therapist with more than 20 years experience including a Reiki Master with lineage 3 teachers from Dr.Usui. A man of many talents, he is also a Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, Sports and Holistic masseur, poet and Shamanic Healer. John believes that most illnesses/dis-ease begins with a thought, and that too often mainstream medicine are too busy treating symptoms to find and treat the cause. He believes that people need to be treated with compassion and given time to be heard. John will be making a talk at the event on the Friday afternoon, about how our mind can be our best friend, or our worst enemy. How we need to give ourselves a break from being self critical. We deserve it.  John will also be your compere and will be leading a meditation on the Saturday evening of the conference.


The Venue

The waters of the River Suir swirl past the door of this renowned hotel, which is situated on The Quay in Waterford. Dooley's is an ideal choice for a centrally located hotel, close to all amenities, cultural and business centres. This family owned and managed hotel caters for the corporate/leisure traveller. The hotel has a purpose-built conference centre with full facilities. Enjoy the style and comfort of The New Ship Restaurant and Dry Dock Bar. Dooley's Hotel serving the customer for three generations.



3 Nights B&B - Twin/Double   Total €240  ( €120.00 pps)  Single room  €255  (€85.00 per night)

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1 Night  B&B -  Twin/Double   Total  €120.00 (€60 p.p.s)  Single €109.00

** november 2019 hotel rates **

The Conference

The annual Open Minds Ireland Conference (OMIC) is 3 day event packed full of Truth, Knowledge & Awareness. Nineteen speakers talking on a variety of topics: From Natural Health, Empowering Change, Exposing Corruption, Life Mysteries and more. There will also be Yoga, Meditations, Shamanic Drumming and Music to add to the fun. The conference is a mind-expanding experience, inviting attendees to consider (with an 'Open Mind'!) a broad range of perspectives that they may never have heard of and/or considered before.


The Conference promises to offer something for everyone. Whether you are a spiritual seeker, environmental or social activist, free thinker, or a person just beginning to question the world around you, the range/scope of talks available at this event will have you covered. So be prepared for an unforgettable life changing experience, and to feel an amazing energy and vibration – the ripples of which will spread far and wide!

DISCLAIMER: The opinions and views expressed are those of each keynote speaker. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of the Open Minds Ireland Conference organisers.

Adrian McKenna

Talk Title: 'Legalize Weed In Ireland'


Adrian has started whst he sees as something that has been a long time coming, the movement to legalize/decriminalization of cannabis in Ireland. His true understanding of the mental health awareness around the medicinal purposes by treating himself through the darkest moments of his life in which he  researched the wonders of cannabis. Throughout his life he has seen how drugs and pharmaceutical medication has torn family's apart in what he sees as a fixed system to keep the industry thriving. 


Adrian believes that cannabis is the number one way we have in winning this so called war on drugs by following in the direction of Canada and so many other country's around the world.


Adrians group, Legaliseweedireland is on social media platforms Facebook Instagram You Tube and Twitter, which are growing in followers and grabbing the attention of the public

The Aims

The aims of the  Open Minds Ireland Conference are as follows:

1. To provide a platform for Conscious Knowledge and Awareness


2. To Empower people and provide Solutions on how you can change yourself and the world around you

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